Everyday Carry - Action EDC

The best action cameras available now are from GoPro and DJI. Add one to your everyday carry (EDC) to capture your everyday adventures.

Everyday Carry - Mini EDC

A collection of miniature everyday carry from Leuchtturm1917, The James Brand, and Bellroy. This EDC is functional without bulking up your pockets.

Everyday Carry - Secrid Slimwallet EDC

The Secrid Slimwallet is the perfect all black everyday carry wallet. This takes your blackout EDC to the next level in style and functionality.

Best Samsung S10/S10+/S10e Cases 2019

These are some of the best Samsung S10 Cases that I've come by. They range from super slim to tough cases and a range of others to suit most of your needs!

Everyday Carry - Glow EDC

Scared of the dark? Add a little glow stick to your keychain to stay illuminated with this Everyday Carry (EDC) set while staying stealthy with an all black collection.

Everyday Carry - Blackout EDC

This minimal collection of all black Everyday Carry (EDC) has a tool to cover all your daily essentials while staying super stealthy.

What's In My EDC/Office Bag Ep. 11 - Alchemy Equipment X Carryology AEL222 Review

This has quickly become my go-to EDC (Everyday Carry) bag for 2019 to commute to and from the office with my full tech load. It's able to store all my tech needs, which includes my 15 inch Dell XPS laptop, while leaving plenty of room for the rest of my gear.

What's In My Pockets Ep. 8 - Mobile Workstation EDC (Everyday Carry)

This is my full mobile workstation setup and my Everyday Carry (EDC) along with it. Everything revolves around the new iPad Mini 5 to get my work done and you'd be surprised what it can actually do.

What's In My Pockets Ep. 7 - Whiteout EDC (Everyday Carry)

As much as I love an all black everyday carry, this all white collection is starting to grow on me. This EDC includes a whiteout Apple Watch look to the classic Fisher Space Bullet Pen in a shiny pearl white.

What's In My Pockets Ep. 6 - Mobile Creator

On this EDC (Everyday Carry) episode of What's In My Pockets, we're showing off some photo and video rigs for anyone that wants to shoot with their mobile device.

What's In My EDC/Commuter Bag Ep. 10 - Chrome Industries MXD Fathom Review

I've discovered my favorite and honestly what I consider the best EDC backpack/bag in 2019 (but also just the best commuter bag too), the Chrome Industries MXD Fathom.

What's In My Bag Ep. 9 - Carl Friedrik C3-1 Backpack Review

This is one of the fanciest bags I've ever tested, the Carl Friedrik C3-1 Backpack is a simple leather and nylon bag for those who need to stay classy while walking into their office.
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