Everyday Carry - Pop EDC

A custom EXCESSORIZE ME. PopSocket only available with every purhcase of our EXCESS Mystery Box.

Everyday Carry - Wide EDC

Capture the whole landscape with this wide-angle lens from Sony.

Everyday Carry - Sunglasses EDC

Never lose your Everyday Carry (EDC) sunglasses with the Distil Union MagLock Sunglasses thanks to the magnets built-in. They stay clipped on no matter how hard you shake and can be attached directly onto your fridge so you never forget them.

Everyday Carry - Tile EDC

Can't remember where you last placed your keys, where you parked your car, or maybe your pet likes to play hide-and-seek with you? Look no further! The Tile Pro can help you find all your belongings and loved ones with just a single ring. 

Everyday Carry - Knife EDC

Everyday Carry (EDC) pocket knives have been around for thousands of years thanks to its multi-purpose use. Stay handy and in style with this EDC from Gerber Gear.

Everyday Carry - Pens EDC

Enjoy doing crossword puzzles or sudoku on your commute to work? Fisher Space Pens have you covered with their Everyday Carry (EDC) set of matte black space pens that come in multiple styles to fit your own black-on-black collection.

Everyday Carry - Mech EDC

Equip yourself with this line of Everyday Carry (EDC) that can organize your loose change in a black revolver so you'll never have to dig into your pockets again.

Everyday Carry - Wallet EDC

Bellroy's Card Pocket can hold more than 15 cards, including coins and bills. This everyday carry (EDC) is made from premium, environmentally certified leather that fits right into your pants pocket. Lose the bulk, keep everything else.

Everyday Carry - Ghostbusters EDC

He may look small and cute, but Stay Puft is ready to steal the spotlight of your EDC keychain collection.

Everyday Carry - Crew EDC

Big Fortnite fan? Add your favourite mini Funko Fortnite character or your even entire squad to your EDC keychain.  

Everyday Carry - Blanket EDC

Sit anywhere, anytime with this packable EDC blanket from Matador that doubles as a tarp for rainy days.

What's In My Bag Ep. 12 - Summer Essentials 2019

Summer is upon us so I've compiled some everyday carry (EDC) items in this What's In My Bag episode to cover all your summer essential gear needs for 2019.
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