What's In My Pockets Ep. 11 - Mini IRL EDC (Everyday Carry)

In this everyday carry collection, I show you how I utilize my EDC throughout my day, starting from the moment I wake up. This episode of What's In My Pocket, it's going to cover the Mini IRL EDC edition. With the Mini Series, I don't have any extra bags on me and only highlight what I have in my pockets.

What's In My Pockets Ep. 10 - Mini Blackout EDC (Everyday Carry)

This is the Mini Blackout Everyday Carry (EDC), this time featuring the ultimate EDC pants, the Boundary Supply Chase Pants. With their advanced TT-1 material, hidden zippered pockets, and overall clean and minimal design, these pants work for traveling, commuting, or any demanding activity.

What's In My Pockets Ep. 9 - Mini Camo EDC (Everyday Carry)

In this new Camo Mini Everyday Carry (EDC) setup, we're slimming down on gear and skipping any bags. These episodes will only feature EDC that fit in my actual pockets. So starting things off, a much requested theme, Camo Everyday Carry.

Everyday Carry - Spotify EDC

Leave your phone at home and take this dedicated Spotify music player with you, paired with one of the best active wireless earphones to be distraction free at the gym.

Everyday Carry - Quiet EDC

Looking to slim down your keys and tool everyday carry (EDC)? The Quiet Carry Shorty combines them both into a sleek all-metal key organizer.

Everyday Carry - Rainbow EDC

A compact metal construction with rainbow LED, pair the Vinpok Taptek Mechanical Keyboard with your laptop, iPad, or phone for a very satisfying typing experience.

Everyday Carry - Retro EDC

For a little nostalgia, this Bittboy retro everyday carry (EDC) will allow you to bring along your favorite games from your childhood in the palm of your hands.

Everyday Carry - Notes EDC

For those spontaneous ideas, this everyday carry (EDC) has you covered to jot down your next brilliant idea.

Everyday Carry - Magic EDC

For all you magicians that want to keep the ninja stealthy style, this everyday carry (EDC) keeps you sharp with your tricks but in a blackout colorway.

Everyday Carry - Modular EDC

Distil Union has created a modular everyday carry (EDC) that could potentially replace your keys altogether with the Ferris system.

Everyday Carry - Fortnite EDC

For those who can't get enough of Fortnite, show off your favorite character with this Funko Pop! Keychain of the Dark Voyager.

Everyday Carry - Bass EDC

If you're looking for some serious workout wireless earphones, the Beats PowerBeats Pro will not disappoint you in terms of comfort and sound.
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