The Toughest iPhone X Case? - Mous Case for iPhone X - Review


I actually reviewed the Mous case way back when they ran one of the largest phone case Indiegogo campaigns funded $2.5 million. A small team from London wanted to create one of the toughest iPhones cases out there and I think they've come close as they're so confident, they let complete strangers throw the iPhone X in one on launch day.

Every case includes a real backing material - you can choose from leather, Aramid Carbon Fibre, shell, bamboo, or walnut. Of course, I am a fan of the bamboo because I'm Asian and I find it very attractive. They're all great choices and offer a variety in style to stay sleek or just plain show-off. Don't worry, no matter which one you choose, it can handle this.

Installation is a simply snapping it in. Looking around the case, the buttons are raised with cutout edges making it easy to feel out and giving it a clicky response. A fair sized mute rocker cutout and a caved in camera cutout that's thick enough to keep the lens safe when laying it onto tables face down.

Plenty of space along the bottom for the speaker and Lightning port and inside the case contains several magnets to mount onto accessories additional they say will be releasing sometime this year. Don't worry, through the real wood and magnets, wireless charging still works.

Something I've never seen before is how Mous implemented the screen bezel - it's lowered along the centre but raised along the top and bottom. You would think that it is now less protective, but can handle more of a beating compared to fully covered screens.

Ergonomically, your fingers don't have to stretch over such a large bezel all the time and interacting with edge swiping isn't hindered by the case. Such a small change is surprisingly very useful in the real world.

The back side is fully covered in whichever material you opt for that I personally feel gives a clean and sleek look no matter which style you choose. Although I was curious... is it really real material or just all marketing? I had to find out by tearing one in half and I'm no wood expert, but it looked like real bamboo shards to me.

What also interested me was whether the Aramid Carbon Fibre was what they claim it was, as it is the most expensive option and suprisingly, it withstood my scratch test without a hiccup, only showing slight signs of wear from the keys I tested. Given how much pressure I put into it, it's fair to assume it can handle quite a bit of abuse, whether in your pockets or being thrown around.


The raised top and bottom bezels arond the screen are more than enough to keep your screen clear when laying down on flat surfaces, but for an extra level of confidence, all the cases include a free screen protector too. I highly recommend you use it in conjunction with the case as I found it withstood the odd edges and angles your screen can land on where your case can't cover for your iPhone X.

Watch the full video review starting at 3:41 to see other YouTubers do the drop test for me. In the end, it survives most of the drops, tosses, tumbles, and smacks on the ground until the internal screen finally gives in.

Although the iPhone X was left without a scratch the screen did become unresponsive. I had the same conclusion in my own extreme drop tests, throwing it well over 15 feet in the air and landing on uneven concrete floor, it gave in after 15-20 throws, but again, the screen was crack free, it was an internal failure.


My recommendation is a solid yes for this case - although in the end the iPhone X didn't survive, the Mous Case was able to keep it scratch free throughout every through, it just wasn't able to protect the internal components of it.

Take note that these drop tests were to the extreme, you will probably never have to deal with such force let alone consecutively to the point of causing internal damage. So pick a back style you like (I recommend bamboo) and don't forget to install the screen protector - it on the higher end in terms of cost, but I believe is worth it down the road to save you in repair costs.

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This video is sponsored by Mous but all opinions expressed are based on my own experience.

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