Casetify DTLA Case for iPhone 8/iPhone 7 - Review


The Casetify DTLA Case, if you're wondering, does stand for Downtown LA. Made by Casetify, your favorite overpriced custom cases service, this case is no cheaper, but at least it works.

A stiff backplate with rubber edges and what you're paying for is this, their Qitech impact absorption material. It's a gooey hexagonal patterned rubber on the inside of the case that can apparently handle more of a beating than you can.

Installation is simple, by just snapping it in place. The buttons stick out, are easy to find and press, and provide a clicky response, with a large mute rocker cutout - there's no accessibility issues even with your chicken finger hands.

Cutout for the camera around back that's tall enough to keep it safe when laying down on a table. Some may cringe as they see the bottom cutout, as there is an audio jack cutout. This case is designed to accommodate both the iPhone 6 and 7 series (also iPhone 8!) which goes for the camera cutout as well. If you own the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 now, suck it up, you'll barely notice it's there.

the cutouts for the speaker and lightning port are large and shallow enough to accommodate the Apple Lightning Dock. Along the right side of the screen is a lanyard cutout if you're into that sort of kawaii thing. Otherwise, that's all the case has to offer, which you may feel a little ripped off for how much you paid. 

The back has a matte texture which isn't particularly grippy but the rubber edges do help in holding onto your phone one handed. Although the smoothness throughout the case is a clean look and comfortable to hold, it can slip and slide around, so I recommend adding an Ungrip which I reviewed in my last video or even a PopSocket.

The case does add some thickness around the edges which you'll notice on the iPhone 7 or 8 plus for sure. Thankfully, along with the minimal design, it slides in and out of pants without any issues, no matter how tight they are.

My biggest gripe with the case was the deep cutouts and groove. Especially in my linty-ass pockets, it collected dust and dirt way too easily in every crevice and had me constantly wiping it down.

There are some minor design details like the writing on the edge of the case which are navigational coordinates. The inside of the case also had some text, which you'll never really see, but they've put in the effort to give it that military, sturdy, and tough vibe.

Which makes sense, as they market this case around this Qitech goopy stuff. So, I tested if it worked in my unscientific drop tests. It handled dropping onto a table just fine, so I took it up a notch. Throwing it onto to hardware floor was also a breeze, but I know my viewers wouldn't want me to stop there, so we took it onto concrete.

From about chest height, it handled the drop like a champ. You could almost hear the drop of the phone dampen as it impacted the ground. So that goop actually works, which I guess would justify the cost if you're never going to buy any other case ever again.

However I did find through just normal usage, in and out of pockets, and using it during the day, the backplate marks up quite easily and doesn't wipe away completely - I did expect a little more for what you're paying.

It does have one of the thickest front bezels to keep your screen lifted off surfaces though. So in the end, if you're looking for that hipster minimal tough case, this definitely beats out an OtterBox in the style department.


If you love the simplicity, use my discount code VINCENT10OFF to save 10% off your order. It's simple and clean that can take a beating, although it does come with a price.

If you're looking for a similar design with a cheaper price tag, check out the OtterBox Symmetry or RhinoShield PlayProof cases for a one piece tough case.

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