ALL EXCESS Ep. 5 [iPhone X Giveaway!]



  • Winners are chosen at random
  • Winners can only win once
  • Winners will be contacted through email
  • International entries allowed
  • YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest/giveaway

DEADLINE: August 5, 2018



Cartulize Charles

Hii, I came in so late and it makes me really sad and the website keeps glitching and when I go to get some entries it asks me to log in even though I already am and resets everything. It’s okay though!! Even if I don’t win I did try! Good luck everyone!


I have a tablet and I need a phone because I get bullied at school and don’t even know what I can so but I trust Jesus with all of my heart that he will give me a phone oneday


I would love to win a iphone x because I don’t have a phone I need it for school and studies I find it hard to always lie at school


Ur vids are the best and would love to win the iPhone X πŸ˜€thank you for putting your time into making these videos 😁😁


You are increadible. Even though I dont if ill win or not, you are a great person. I am estatic to at least participate to the give away. Thank you!!

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