What's In My Pockets Ep. 1 - EDC (Everyday Carry) of April 2018


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KEYS: KeySmart Pro ($60)

KeySmart Pro

I only carry 2 keys and I connected a Tile onto my key ring, that was my key carry. I wanted to upgrade that and stumbled upon the KeySmart Pro key organizer while researching what others carried. No more jingling, a variety of accessories to add-on, and the rechargeable Tile integration takes my simple key ring up 5 levels. Don't forget the built-in flashlight, because I can't be the only one who has poor hand-eye coordination in the dark.

CASE: Patchworks Level ITG Case ($15)

Patchworks Level ITG Case

The Patchworks Level ITG Case is their staple lineup that you can't go wrong with as an everyday case. The simple design combined with the interior air pockets to cushion drops makes this an easy case to slap on and go. It's available in a few colors and the textured edges top off the feature set to give your hands something to cling onto.

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PHONE: Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

Apple's top-of-the-line flagship phone, the iPhone X has been in my pocket since the day it shipped. I'll admit, I am an Apple fanboy, having owned the Samsung Note 8, Galaxy S8, and now the Galaxy S9, I still fall back to the iPhone X simply because I enjoy iOS so much more. I can just as easily rock the iPhone 8 (which I did before the X released) and be just as happy - the hardware is pleasent on most flagship devices, the software is what really defines the experience though. Plus, all my friends have iMessage and I ain't about that FOMO life.

NOTEBOOK: Bellroy Leather Notebook Cover Mini ($80)

Bellroy Notebook Cover Mini

I know this may sound like an odd pocket carry item, especially considering I could just do everything on my iPhone, but sometimes you have to go analog to get stuff done. The Bellroy Leather Notevook Cover Mini is definitely a luxury add-on to what is essentially just a Field Notes size notebook, but it adds that level of class to something that gets sat on, wrinkled, and ripped on a daily basis. It allows me to hold a pen and even has a few slots for cards and other documents. Do you need a notebook cover? Of course not. Are you envious of how classy it makes me look? 100%.

PEN: Pilot G-TEC-C4 0.4mm Pen ($6)

Pilot G-TEC-C4 0.4mm Pen

A small but important item on the list, my pen of choice is the Pilot G-TEC-C4 0.4mm ever since I discovered how smooth and precise it wrote back when CW&T released their Pen Type-A Kickstarter (That's a story for another time though). It's light, writes like I want it to, and they're fairly affordable, what else can you ask for in a pen you throw around?

EARBUDS: Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds ($218)

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

I've praised these before and I'll continue to do so now, the Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds are on the pricier side, but they're waterproof. Just let that soak in, pun intended. I hit the gym, cry from the pain, and sweat from the gains, then walk right into the showers without removing my earbuds. Although my workout is finished, my day's just getting started and I need to stay pumped with some Taylor Swift revenge music.

TRIPOD: Joby GripTight ONE Phone Tripod ($33)

Joby GripTight ONE Tripod

I carry this in my pants coin pocket because that's how small it is - I'm basically just carrying it because it'd be silly not to. The Joby GripTight ONE Tripod offers so much versatility in such a small package, a phone tripod, stand, and can even be detached onto an actual camera as a tripod. All that in your pants coin pocket? Yeah, why are you still reading this, go order one now.

WALLET: Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet ($65)

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

A recent addition to my carry but a familiar brand I've trusted with my cards and cash, the Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet can only hold a few cards, hence the name, but that's honestly all you probably need. Two quick access pockets on each face of the wallet and an intuitive squeezing motion to reveal the centre contents makes spending your hard earned money a quick and easy process.

GLOVES: Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves ($99)

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Another luxury item you definitely don't need but have to touch to convince yourself you do. The Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves costs a pretty penny but you'll forget about that once you feel the cashmere interior. They use nanotechnology to allow for fairly accurate input as well which is essential as you may never take these off.

CAP: EXCESSORIZE ME. Five Panel Cap ($25)

A cap is a must-have accessory for anyone with hair like mine, basically a bad hair day every day, so what better than my own Five Panel Cap. Rep.

POUCH: Chrome Industries Pouch ($35)

Chrome Industries Pouch

I own an older model that they've upgraded since in size but is still just as indestructible. The Chrome Industries Pouch is made of ballistic nylon and tarp, a very simple 2 pocket pouch for a phone, cards, keys, or sharp tools that you don't want slicing up your pants pockets.

MULTI-TOOL: Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool ($100)

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

This tool needs no introduction but in case you're new to the scene, the Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool should be in everyone's pockets or at least their toolbox. It carries a tool to tackle any challenge, it's built like a tank, and comes in an all black which basically makes you a handyman even if you have a hard time changing a light bulb.

BATTERY: Mophie Powerstation Mini Battery ($45)

Mophie Powerstation Mini Battery

I've had this for years and it still tops of my iPhone to a full charge on a daily basis, the Mophie Powerstation Mini Battery is a slim external battery that is the size of about 5 credit cards. It has a built-in wire, which means that's one less thing to carry, and offers a Lightning or micro-USB plug because you now your friends are going to ask to borrow it.

This video is sponsored by Patchworks but all opinions expressed are based on my own experience.

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