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SLIM: Spigen Thin Fit ($11)

Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPhone X

Made of a thin plastic shell, it's the soft matte coating on the Spigen Thin Fit Case that makes you never want to stop holding it, but it's one of the things you have to feel for yourself to believe. In the hand, it barely adds any bulk, giving you basically a thin layer of scratch resistance. The soft coating does help with gripping the iPhone X because although completely smooth, it isn't slippery but also not like... sticky.

The thin design is great for anyone that hates cases but also hates the naked glass back of the iPhone. This case will cover really short drops, but lacks any impact absorption or even a solid lip around the screen so it's definitely not for you if you have butter fingers for days.


ESR TPU Case for iPhone X

The runner-up to my slim choice is the ESR TPU Case. I'd describe it as a thinner, flexible, and much more affordable version of the Apple Silicone Case. It's also got a similar soft-touch exterior and honestly, you'll probably forget you have a case on.

Unlike the Spigen Thin fit Case, you get button coverage and a clean blackout around back. Again, made for scratch resistance and the smooth soft exterior but not designed for impact.

BEST GRIP: Speck Presidio Grip ($40)

Speck Presidio Grip Case for iPhone X

The undisputed case that will prevent you from dropping your new iPhone X is one of my favorite cases, the Speck Presidio Grip Case. With two channels of rubber stripes along the back in a tron like pattern that prevents even the clumsiest cluts from dropping their phone. You basically have to actually want to drop your phone to do so.

I call that proactive protection - it prevents you from dropping your phone compared to protecting your phone after you've dropped it. In case you are some next level butter fingers and still drop it though, the Presidio series has a thick screen bezel and air pockets lined along the inside to save most drops.

RUNNER-UP: Apple Silicone Case ($40)

Apple Silicone Case for iPhone X

My runner-up grippy case goes to the Classic Apple Silicone Case due to the finish on the cases are completely smooth but oh so comfortable to hold. It barely adds any bulk and sports the one and only, the Apple logo.

It's comfortable to hold, has exact cutouts because, well, Apple, and a decent lip around the front screen. Although no impact resistance, this is another case designed to prevent you from dropping your iPhone in the first place. That is if you can get over it being such a dust magnet and wiping at your iPhone X all day.

BEST STYLE: UAG Pathfinder ($35)

UAG Pathfinder Case for iPhone X

Stylish cases are definitely subjective, but in my opinion, the UAG Pathfinder Case sports a really cool industrial tough vibe. I mean, come on, it's got fake ass screws built -in. It's slim and doesn't take away from the usability of the phone but best off, it comes in a clear model (Plasma Series) to show off that black or white glass back.

Don't worry, fake screws still included in the Plasma Series as well. You can feel the grooves as they are molded out and not a print, there are edge ridges to help with grip, and in standard UAG format, padded corners to keep your iPhone X safe from your devilish children.

RUNNER-UP: Olixar X-Trex ($17)

Olixar X-Trex Case for iPhone X

The Olixar X-Trex Case fits my style because gosh darn it looks like my iPhone is Iron Man. Of course, it's more than just looks, the center strip unclips to become a stand for your viewing pleasure... or pleasurable viewing if you know what I mean.

That's not all, there's a slot behind this the shell to store a single card, great for an ID combined with Apple Pay for a night out. There's a slot on the bottom for easy access pushing it up, and when inserted, it stays in place without any issues. The Olixar X-Trex Case is definitely biased towards Iron Man fanatics.

BEST TOUGH: Patchworks Level Aegis ($15)

Patchworks Level Aegis Case for iPhone X

Now if you're that one friend in the group that's a complete slob, you're probably eyeing a tough case. My top pick goes to the Patchworks Level Aegis Case as it won't break the bank while offering that OtterBox Commuter type vibe.

It still feels slim in the hand, with mini ridges for grip on each side that do help counteract the completely smooth design. There's an Apple logo cutout which could be a deal breaker or maker depending on your style. I personally don't mind it as I use it to pivot my iPhone around.

In terms of protection, there are foam padded corners in the inside they call Poron XRD and air pockets throughout the edges, more than anything you'd see in any other $15 case. Combine that with the two-piece hard polycarbonate shell and TPU sleeve - you can let your $15 prevent you from a $400 repair.


RUNNER-UP: Spigen Hybrid Armor ($17)

Spigen Hybrid Armor Case for iPhone X

The new Spigen Hybrid Armor Case has quickly become one of my daily drivers thanks to it's priority on affordability at $20 and size. Like on their Thin Fit Case, they use the same soft matte exterior finish here that makes a tough case actually bearable to hold.

The TPU edges have a lined pattern for your fingers to grip onto and most importantly it doesn't double the size of your iPhone X. There are responsive button covers, a thick bezel around the screen, and extra padded corners. All combined to withstand whatever you throw at it... or wherever you throw it at.

BEST CLEAR: Spigen Ultra Hybrid S ($13)

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case for iPhone X

Clear cases are for the show-offs and the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case is a no-brainer. At $13, it's packed with everything you need while still allowing your iPhone to do all the talking. A completely clear design, although smooth and slippery, the priority here is that everyone knows, you own the iPhone X.

Unlike the original Ultra Hybrid Case, with the S version, you get a built-in stand. It's made of metal and latches on magnetically. You can go hands-free for whatever other handy activities you need to do. You've got full button coverage, an extra lip around the camera lens, and a thick screen bezel to keep it lifted on flat surfaces.

RUNNER-UP: Caseology Skyfall Series ($12)

Caseology Skyfall Series Case for iPhone X

The Caseology Skyfall Series Case is a visually appealing merge of a clear and actual case. It's definitely not for everyone but I dig the polycarbonate shell design - it gives the back a very alien space vibe.

That's not all, the polycarbonate, like the Spigen cases, have a soft matte finish that helps with gripping one-handed, although the case isn't too bulky to begin with. There's also a thick bezel around the screen for front facing drop protection.

BEST LEATHER: Apple Leather ($50)

Apple Leather Case for iPhone X

For you classy folk, my top leather case goes to the one and only Apple Leather Case. First, obviously, for the infamous embossed Apple logo you won't find embossed in any other leather case.

Second, the perfect fit around the camera, screen, and clean wrapped leather. Finally, it's the metal button covers that take the butter from the knife (I think that's how the saying goes...). They're responsive, have defined edges which help with feeling them out, and most importantly are color matched to your leather.

RUNNER-UP: Mujjo Full Leather ($45)

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone X

The Mujjo Leather Case is a simpler style while still sporting the high-quality leather finish. It feels like a drier leather, which instead of a smooth finish, has sort of a textured finish you can feel in hand.

It barely adds any bulk and you don't get the fancy metal covers, but otherwise very similar in cutouts from the Apple Leather Case. If you can appreciate a good quality feeling leather, the price tag won't seem so bad, otherwise, it's just a very simple shell design

BEST FOLIO: Nodus Access Case 3 ($65)

Nodus Access Case 3 for iPhone X

Sticking to the leather theme, my top folio case goes to the new Nodus Access Case 3 because up close, you can actually see the texture of their leather. Not so much a snap-on case, it uses a microsuction pad to attach to your iPhone X. That means it is removable and reusable but doesn't require the bulk of a shell case to stay in place.

So you're only adding the bulk of a piece of leather around your iPhone X, yeah, it's one of the thinnest folios you'll find around. Thanks to the edges of the leather that stick out, your iPhone is still lifted off surfaces when you may or may not drop your new iPhone.

There's a vertical pocket cutout on the front cover that is good for cards, receipts, and any other flat objects. The Access Case can also be folded into a stand mode that actually holds up pretty well no matter how hard you poke at it. Although on the pricier end, you're getting a high-quality leather, multi-functional pocket, and definitely some numbers at the bar when you pull this sexy case out.

BEST CARD: Lumion Chinook ($20)

Lumion Chinook Case for iPhone X

Now if you're a points card hoarder, my best card case goes the Lumion Chinook Case because of the large covered card compartment. Unfortunately, due to the size, it's the only case in this list that isn't wireless charging compatible. If you can get past that, it's capable of holding about 5 cards and then some.

It is quite a thick case, but it actually feels nice to hold thanks to these textured edges, it feels like holding sand, but it works and sort of satisfying to rub. Still manageable one-handed, I find the ledge at the top helps my finger hold onto to something extra and allows it to be the pivot point to reach around my iPhone X's screen.

This case has grown to be my favorite all around case in general and I can easily replace my whole wallet with this combo. In terms of protection, there's padded corners and a thick screen bezel to handle most drops.

RUNNER-UP: Nomad Wallet ($40)

Nomad Card Case for iPhone X

If you want something simpler, my runner-up card case is the Nomad Wallet Case because 2 words: Horween Leather. For anyone that doesn't know, it's some of the best leather you can get and Nomad has integrated it into their line of cases - it even smells like amazeballs.

Functionally, it has 2 pockets that hold a single card each, so not as much as the Chinook Case, but an ID and bus pass combined with Apple Pay could have you covered for the whole day. The pockets will break in nicely and when packed, the case doesn't bulk out any more than when empty.

Overall it feels comfortable to hold thanks to the smooth finish all around. Fair warning, your leather will scratch up easily, but that's the damn point. Let it grow some character, it will grow a nice patina over time from the oils in your hand. The case is protective enough for everyday usage and each drop will add to the design of the leather.

BEST WALLET: Apple Leather Folio ($99)

Apple Leather Folio Case for iPhone X

Now if you're looking for a full-fledged wallet replacement, my top wallet case goes to the Apple Leather Folio Case for the iPhone X. If not solely for the auto screen locking capabilities, there are also 2 large pockets on the inside. One dedicated to cards, I fit up to 4 before it got too bulgy on me, then a longer secondary pocket behind it, great for receipts or bills.

With all that inside, the case doesn't bulk up like we've seen others do thanks to the placement of the cards in the center, leaving the edges to still lay flat. Of course, being Apple, You've also got your embossed Apple logo around back.

The Leather Folio is really about size though, rounded corners cut off any excess leather keeping the case as minimal as possible. Your cards are hidden from prying eyes while staying in place no matter how hard you try and shake it off.

Unlike other stiffer folios that block the camera with their front covers, the flexible leather allows you to draw it back a bit to take your ever needed selfie without having your case hang all over the place. It's the most expensive on the list, but you won't be disappointed if you do pick it up.

RUNNER-UP: Nomad Clear Folio ($50)

Nomad Clear Folio Case for iPhone X

My last case goes to the Nomad Clear Leather Folio. Again, thanks to that Horween Leather they use, it looks and feels premium in the hand. A much stiffer leather than the Apple Leather Folio Case, With 3 dedicated card slots instead that can add up in bulk but helps with organization and quick access to your cards.

A side pocket for additional cards or other flat objects but with everything in, you can see where the flexible leather has an advantage as the stiffer leather here needs to broken in to minimize in size. What makes this case special though is the other half, a clear case to show off your iPhone that I think complements the leather combo nicely with the best of both worlds.

The hard clear shell provides padded protection to impact combined with the front leather cover for 360 degrees of protection. The buttons are still accessible through the leather for an added level of convenience and the case is cut down to the size of the iPhone which makes a difference when during usage and storage.

Finally, like the other leather case, the large front cover will scratch and get knocked up over time. Again, it's a good thing, let it grow its own unique style and you'll have a case that no one else can copy.

This video is sponsored by Patchworks but all opinions expressed are based on my own experience.

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