Turns Out, You Can Mix-And-Match Apple Watch Bands

I came across a Reddit post under the /r/AppleWatch today that revealed a little unknown-but-obvious-once-you-know secret about Apple Watch bands.

Apple Watch with Woven Nylon and Sport Band
Reddit userĀ nor_reddit shares his mix of the original black Sport Band with the newly released Woven Nylon in black as well. The decision to do so will most definitely rock a few worlds and some may call him crazy, but there’s something about having a solid mixed with a pattern that intrigues the eye.

This was also previously reported on by iMore, but between Sport Bands only, where they provided a bunch of variations, such as this one they dubbed, ‘Cotton Candy‘.
Apple Watch Cotton Candy Band
So, how do you wear your Apple Watch? Would you mix it up?

Watch our review of the Apple Woven Nylon Strap here:

Reddit – TIL you car merge the “sport” bands.
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