Tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review

Tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus This is the first clear case I’ve come by that actually feels good in the hand. Compared to other glossy and greasy clear cases, the matte finish on the Tech21 Impact Clear doesn’t make me hate holding my iPhone.

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And back to the review, let’s check it out


Tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus Unlike other Tech21 cases (Evo Check and Evo Gem), the Impact clear consists of a hard shell design finished with a smooth matte texture. Although for a clear case, I wish they did away with so much of the branding.

Installation is simple, go in volume side first, then snap the opposite corners in place. The buttons are covered but offer a raised portion that’s easy to find but a little more difficult to click. A large mute rocker cutout and around back, the case itself is so thin, they include a raised bezel around the camera. This helps prevent the camera hump from scratching on surfaces when laid down. Finally cutouts throughout the bottom, which are thin enough to fit the classic Apple Lightning Dock.

Otherwise, like most clear cases, it’s simply designed to show off. However, the Impact Clear has a foggy finish to it, which isn’t the greatest for the black iPhone, but works perfectly fine with lighter colours. Of course, that’s caused by the matte finish on the case, compared to glossy clear cases, this actually feels really good in the hand.

Thanks to how thin the case is, only adding only 2mm around the edges and 1.5mm on the back, combined with the matte finish, this slides in and out of pockets like butter. Unfortunately, the case can get slippery considering it’s smooth throughout.

As long as your hands aren’t as dry as sands, a slight sweaty palm will alleviate the issue of slippage. You may be wondering, sweaty hands means grease and fingerprints though!

Tech21 claims this case is also smudge resistant, so we tested it out. Thanks to the foggy look, it conceals it pretty well and doesn’t stick on as easily. Which I can’t say the same for glossy cases.

Tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 PlusTo add to it’s resistance level, minus the scratch I already incurred on the inside, the outside is also scratch resistant, so let’s test it out. I’m genuinely surprised how well it prevents scratches, again, thanks to most of it being concealed by the faded back.

Given how thin the case is, it still offers a lip around the screen for table top protection. Tech21 also claims it’s made of BulletShield impact material, which sounds super fancy and rated with withstand a 5ft drop. In my tests, it works great for day to day protection but I’d be hard pressed to trust it handling higher drops given how thin the case is.


If you hate clear cases like I do because of how the glossy and greasy back makes it feel like you’ve just eaten a pound of chicken wings, then the Tech21 Impact Clear matte finish is the perfect case for you, it’s a slim clear case that actually feels nice to hold.

The impact clear matte finish is the perfect case if You hate those glossy and greasy clear cases. It’s slim and actually feels good I the hand.

If you’re worried about dropping your phone though, check out the OtterBox Symmetry Clear case or for a fancier design Tech21’s other line of cases, the Evo Check or Evo Gem.