SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7 – Review – A case made of glass?

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7If you bought the Jet Black iPhone 7, you got it because you want to show it off. Why else would you want to deal with a fingerprint, scratch, and dirt magnet? So you don’t want to cover it up with just any case, you want to stay protected but also continue to show off you made a smart choice. That’s where the SwitchEasy Glass case comes in. Unlike other TPU clear cases that yellow over time, this case is made of, well, glass.


SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7Right off the bat, this feels like a premium case. The bumper around the case is made of a smooth aluminum while the back of the case is covered completely with glass – 0.8mm thick tempered glass to be exact. Since the case is designed for the scratch prone Jet Black iPhone, most of the edges are lined in a foam to prevent any contact with the aluminum frame. And on the inside, most of the edges are lined in a foam to prevent any contact with the aluminum frame.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7Installation is super simple, first, separate the two piece case by sliding the locking switch. Then wipe off your dirty finger grease on your iPhone, then the back of the tempered glass because I know you got too excited and touched it. Slide the iPhone face down into the frame, then set the back bottom side first and just laying it down, it should sit flush with the frame. Finally, slide the switch to lock the two pieces together, although I’d keep an eye out on the lock in case you knock it open by accident.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7The buttons are covered with a separate aluminum piece that stick out making it easier to find while providing a great clicky response. A cutout for the mute rocker, enough to easily reach without obstruction. Around back the glass sits high enough to cover your camera hump, so you don’t have to worry about setting it down on table tops. Finally the speaker grill cutouts and a fairly tight Lightning cutout that may have issues with third party cables, but fits fine with the classic Lightning Dock.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7In the end, you’re really paying for this, the glass back to show off your sexy ass jet black. I mean, it also looks sexy with matte black, but it’s not as impressive. SwitchEasy has designed the back to be 1mm raised from the iPhone, leaving a gap to prevent any scratches onto the Jet Black. They claim the glass is 90% optically transparent, but honestly, to my eyes, I’m curious what 100% transparency looks like.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7In all seriousness, unlike other clear cases that yellow and darken over time, glass stands the test of time and will stay clear for as long as you take care of it. Unfortunately, a common issue with using metal around the case is the interference with the celluar signal. SwitchEasy claims their patented ‘wireless signal pass-through design’ resolves that, basically a fancy name for these corners that are made out of plastic to allow signal to travel through. Which should mean you won’t experience any drop in signal. In my test, without the case in, I’m getting a signal of about -91 and in the same exact position, with the case on, I’d get -91 signal strength as well. So yeah, it actually works, you get the pleasure of a metal design without the flaw of dropped signal strength.

But you may be thinking, with the 1mm gap, that just leaves room for dust and bits to chill out in, therefore scratching your iPhone inside the case. Well, they thought about that too and actually include these dust barriers. But does it work? Yeah, I’d say it does it’s job pretty well.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7An obvious issue with using glass is it scratching up on basically anything it touches. SwitchEasy rates the glass at 7H and for those who don’t know what that means, so I tested it out. Basically, as long as you don’t treat it like I do, it’s basically scratch proof.


SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7The first issue is my personal taste, but there’s just one too many words pasted around the case. I’d even be okay with the big IGlass logo and the switcheasy on the side, but plastering features of the case right on the case is a little excessive.

Secondly, as clear as the 90% optical transparency can be, it loses probably half of that transparency to your greasy ass fingers. This is typical of most clear cases, but thankfully the grease doesn’t affect the grip of the case. Mainly due to the thin profile of the whole case, at most, adding only 2mm on the back. As long as you don’t have sand dry hands, the smooth aluminum makes it comfortable to grasp onto and the grease actually makes it stickier, thereby, easier to grip onto, as gross as that may sound.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7Which you’ll need, because if it wasn’t obvious already, the case doesn’t do great with impact. Glass doesn’t absorb impact as well as plastic or rubber does, so although it will be okay with sliding around or even throwing it onto a table. Any other sort of impact may cause the glass to crack and shatter. There isn’t much of a lip around the front screen either, which makes sense as they want to stay thin. So it’s much appreciated that they include a screen protector to compensate for that.

They don’t claim to be a tough cause, but protection is a tradeoff you’re making to show off your sexy Jet Black iPhone.


SwitchEasy Glass Case for iPhone 7If you’ve, even once, dropped your iPhone, the reality is, glass shatters easier than most other materials. If you are careful and don’t mind the extra print, I personally find it’s an aesthetically and ergonomically great way to show off your iPhone.