Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case for iPhone 7 Plus This case feels good in the hand, but also sort of really looks cool. The soft matte rubber combined with a contrasting bumper makes your iPhone look like it belongs in a Tron movie.

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And back to the review, let’s check it out


Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case for iPhone 7 Plus The Spigen Neo Hybrid comes in a 2 piece design, depending on the model you get, the ordinary black has a non-grease triangle patterned back, while the crystal version has a smooth glossy finish, that will pick up all and every finger that touches it. Wrapped around it, although it may look metallic, is actually a plastic bumper that offers a variety of contrasting colours.

To install, most would think to separate the pieces, but from my experience, keeping them both together, then going in volume side first and squeezing each corner in worked best without risking bending the plastic bumper.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case for iPhone 7 Plus The buttons sit pretty flush to the bumper but gives a really satisfying clicky response. Some have complained about the size of the mute rocker, and although it’s pretty deep, it’s large enough to access without struggling. Around back, although the case is thinner that the height of the camera hump, it’s got a generous bumper around the lens, which works well to protect the lens on table tops. Cutouts throughout the bottom and although the Lightning port is pretty deep, it will fit the classic Apple Lightning Dock.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 7 PlusOtherwise, like most clear cases, the crystal model is a great way to show off your iPhone with, what I think, a cool contrasting bumper. The original black rubber is my favorite though, not exactly for how it looks, but how it feels in the hand.

The matte textured back has a dry sandy texture which feels great to hold as you don’t feel like it greases up and the bumper sits flush to the rubber shell, so the case is smooth throughout. As long as your hands aren’t as dry as sand, it will be okay for sweaty palms to have a grip onto.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case for iPhone 7 Plus When compared to the crystal model, which has a glossy finish, it will feel more slippery, oily, and just a little grosser in the hand. In terms of size, both cases are the exact same, barely adding any thickness to the iPhone. Meaning it slides in and out of pockets without a problem.

In terms of protection, it’s very similar to the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. There’s a decent lip around the screen, but otherwise you’re not getting the best protection. It’ll do well with scratches, dings, and tabletop protection but I wouldn’t count on this for rougher environments. Hey, at least it looks cool.

And since it is a clear case, we had to do our scratch test. I’m genuinely surprised how well it holds up, even the plastic bumper didn’t chip or scratch. One of the few clear cases that can keep it together.


A strange issue I’ve come by is the drop in reception with the case on. In my comparison test, I lose a bar of signal, in the exact same location, with the case on. It doesn’t bother me but for even tougher areas, this may be something to consider.

Some reviews have also reported having the case leave a mark on the back of their iPhone. In my testing I had the same issue but it came off easily with a microfibre and good rub.


This is more for the looks than anything at a very affordable cost, especially their clear version, it gives a pretty wicked contrasting look. But if you’re not a fan of the bumper design, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is just as affordable and offers similar protection.