Silk Base Grip Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review

Silk Base Grip Case for iPhone 7 Rated as the best iPhone 7 case by Wirecutter, I had to see for myself. This is the Silk Base Grip case and I sort of kinda really agree with them. So, let’s check it out.


Silk Base Grip Case for iPhone 7The Base Grip case really is a super simple case, it’s all made from a single piece of TPU and a little bit of polycarbonate around the camera to hold it’s shape. Otherwise, it really feels like a cheap case, which would make sense considering it’s actually a cheap case at a little over $10.

To install, go volume side first, then snap the opposite corners in place. The buttons are covered by a raised portion on the TPU, it’s easy to click and provides a tactile feedback. There’s a generous cutout for the mute rocker. Around back, a cutout for the camera and flash, and the case is thick enough to keep your lens off surfaces, and the hard polycarbonate ring helps keep the TPU from flexing around it on impact. Cutouts throughout the bottom that will accommodate most docks, like the classic Apple Lightning dock.
Silk Base Grip Case for iPhone 7But the beauty of this cheap case, as outlined in the name, is that it provides added grip. The edges around the case have a very light texture and along with the matte design around the rest of the case – it actually feels really good in the hand. The case adds little to no bulk, doesn’t attract fingerprints or grease, and the texture, although visually very subtle, is enough to keep your fingers from sliding around. Overall, it really helps with reachability on the 7 Plus model.

If I were to describe it in words, it feels like smoothed out sandpaper. Personally, I thinks it’s just the right amount of texture to provide functionality, without it ruining the look of the case. The case is designed mainly to be a slim case, so although you do have a good size lip around the screen and air pockets built into the corners of the case. I feel confident it can handle my day-to-day, but there’s no protective features to guard you from higher drops and impact.

Don’t fret though, if you’re really worried, they do include a screen protector as well, although a generic one, will help keep your screen clear of dirt and scratches. Thankfully, with the added grip, it’s a proactive measure that prevents you from actually dropping your iPhone in the first place.

For an all around day to day in the office or out and about case, I completely agree with Wirecutter. It’s affordable and especially for 7 Plus users, actually makes using your iPhone a lot easier.

If you drop your iPhone 3 times a day, I’d recommend checking out the OtterBox Symmetry Series or my personal favourite, the Speck Presidio Grip case instead.