Showcase – Mophie Juice Pack Ultra for iPhone 6

Mophie Juice Pack Ultra for iPhone 6If you’ve ever looked for a battery case, you are probably familiar with the name Mophie. They’ve been in the battery case game since the iPhone 4; I’ve even reviewed their iPhone 5 Helium and Air models. Mophie is well known in the business for their sleek and protective battery cases, more recently though, other brands have been selling battery cases with their own spin on it – such as the Incipio OffGrid and OtterBox Resurgence. So to stay fresh and continue to reign as the Rolex (they cost relatively as much) of battery cases, they have released the Juice Pack Ultra for the iPhone 6.

Mophie Juice Pack Ultra for iPhone 6Mophie already has the Air and Plus versions available for the iPhone 6, touting a 2,750mAh and 3,300Ah battery capacity, respectively. For anyone that doesn’t know what that means, it’s having an additional 100% or 120% charge – simply put, enough to cover you for the day. But for those who think that they need more, is where the Ultra comes in, sporting a 3,950Ah battery, which offers a 150% additional charge.

What does 150% additional charge feel like? (based on their website)

  • 35 hours of talk time – compared to 14
  • 25 hours of Internet usage – compared to 10
  • 27 hours of video playback – compared to 11

Mophie Juice Pack Ultra for iPhone 6It has the same physical design as the Plus version, with an impact-isolation system (rubber bumpers on the inside for additional drop protection), pass through buttons for the volume, power, and mute rocker, and forward-facing acoustic speaker ports.

Like all their cases, they feature priority+ charge & sync; when you have the case plugged in through a micro-USB, your iPhone 6 charges first, then the Juice Pack itself, ensuring your iPhone is ready to use with or without the case.

For $149.95, it’s the top of the line offering for battery cases from Mophie. Grab it from their website.