Showcase – Tactus Phorm for the iPad Mini

Not a fan of bulky keyboard cases? Tactus has just announced a revolutionary ‘keyboard’ case for the iPad Mini, the Phorm. So what makes it so revolutionary? It does not add any external hardware. Once you toggle the switch located on the back side, fluid stored in the bezel of the case gets pushed into the thin screen protector, and bubbles up on each keyboard key. This creates a little bubble over each key, providing a physical feel for where each key is located on screen. Craig Ciesla, the company’s CEO and Founder, claims will help users type faster than with a flush keyboard.

Tactus PhormThe ‘microfluid’ is stored within the case’s bezel and does not require any battery power to work. Unfortunately, it can only support portrait typing at this time. An iPhone 6 Plus version is being developed as well and you can join the waitlist for future updates.

Pre-order the iPad Mini Tactus Case now for $99.