Sena Apple Pencil Stand – Review

The Sena Apple Pencil Stand¬†definitely isn’t a product for everyone. But for those familiar with Wacom or other desktop tablets, you’ll understand why a dock for your Apple Pencil can be useful.

It’s not the most affordable dock given all it does is sit there, but you do get what you pay for in materials. It’s wrapped in a European leather with gunmetal accents.¬†You’re able to set your Apple Pencil in portrait or landscape, whichever helps you retrieve your Pencil faster. Having a dock for your Apple Pencil may seem like a trivial thing, but if you’re familiar with desktop tablets, they all came included with a stylus stand, providing the exact same functions.

The Apple Pencil provides the same functions as a regular desktop stylus, except on an iPad screen. I would argue for the most part that you use your iPad Pro on a table when you use the Apple Pencil with it, therefore, having a stand to dock your Apple Pencil isn’t so crazy. If you’re a minimalist and love the simple look, the Sena Apple Pencil Stand is a great option if you can afford the $40 price tag.