RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review – Best tough case for iPhone 7!

So you may have seen my last Rhinoshield review here – I dropped my iPhone over 30 times! If you haven’t, no hard feelings, because today we’re taking a look at their other popular protective option, the RhinoShield PlayProof case.

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So, let’s check it out


RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 PlusUnlike their CrashGuard bumper, the PlayProof is a full case design made of polycarbonate – a combination of a soft design around the lip and a hard shell on the back. The inside has their hexagon patterned interior that’s designed to absorb and disperse any impact.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 PlusTo install, it’s easiest to go in volume side first, then squeeze the opposite corners into place. Just in case you get into a fizzle, removal is simply doing to opposite, and peeling the corners off one at a time, easy-peasy.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 PlusThe buttons are covered, with pretty high cutouts, easy to find, and although a little stiffer to click, provides a good clicky response. The mute rocker cutout is a little tight, requiring a little digging and a few tries to get to and there’s a large camera cutout that’s tall enough to keep your lens off your dirty floors. Along the bottom are pretty precise speaker grill cutouts, a large Lightning cutout, enough to fit third party cables and also the classic lightning dock.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 PlusThe PlayProof comes in plain colors, but you’re not boring, you’re loud and awesome, and RhinoShield knows that. Don’t let the fact that this is a protective case put a kink in your cool style. They offer a wide range of designs, but these are definitely my favorite, because how doesn’t this speak to you, it’s a bear in a damn forest. They’ve got a whole range you can check out, but my favorite has to be the classic logo and the vectorized deer.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 PlusAs a case, it’s got a matte finish that feels really good in the hand and doesn’t smudge up as easily from your greasy hands. Some reviews stated it can be slippery, but as long as your hands aren’t drier than prunes, it’s actually much better than holding the regular iPhone. But even if it does slip, your iPhone will be fine.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 Plus - Drop TestAs a protective case, it’s almost worrisome how thin it is, only adding about 2mm in size, but able to withstand drops up to 11 feet? Thanks to that slim profile, it slides in and out of pockets easily as well, so really, it’s almost contradictory to call this case a tough protective case – until you remember it can do this.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 Plus - Hammer TestAll of that drop protection is made possible with their soft polycarbonate lip around the screen and hexagon interior. But you may be asking, what about the screen? Don’t you fret a thing, because like their CrashGuard bumper, you can pair it with their wicked hammer-smashing-resistant screen protector. The GIF speaks for itself. It withstood several hammer smashes and not light ones as well! I was genuinely frightened, surprised, and relieved I didn’t have to buy a new iPhone after that.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 Plus - Key TestNow dropping is all fun and games, but some people are normal and only throw this shit in their pockets, with keys and coins and other sharp objects like candy wrappers. So how well does this fancy looking deer stand up to that? In my scientific key test, it withstood a pretty intense scratch test, with some slight paint chipping, you can barely notice it’s been through any damage, another impressive win for RhinoShield.

RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 Plus - ResultsBut the real test was checking the iPhone after all was said and done. Removing it from the case as well as the screen protector left me speechless as there were no scratches, dents, bends, or any visible damage to the iPhones screen or back. The screen worked fine and so did 3D touch. Wow.


RhinoShield PlayProof Case for iPhone 7 PlusThe case retails for $25 and I highly, 304%, recommend getting the screen protector which also retails for $25. Even better, for the month of January, use code EXCESSORIZE for 15% off your order. Done. You’re welcome, links below. Just go.

It’s an investment now that will save you way more down the road when you don’t need to run to the apple store crying about a broken screen. It came to a point where I wanted this case to fail and crack my iPhone, but no matter how hard I tried, it did not result in a single bruise.

This review is sponsored by RhinoShield but I had complete creative freedom and all opinions expressed are my own, I honestly really standby this case


$24.99 – iPhone 7/7 Plus