More – Craft Plus for iPhone 5 [Opinion]


Craft Plus for iPhone 5

This is the Craft Plus for the iPhone 5 case by More. In the style of a book wallet case, it’s made of wool or canvas and with a leather back. The inner flap can hold 2 cards (credit card with an ID) and also some cash or business cards. Offering full body protection, the iPhone fits in a lot like the BookBook for iPhone 4 does, covering the top and bottom portions of the iPhone’s face, leaving the appropriate cutouts. It also includes a cutout for the camera, which actually looks too small and may actually obstruct the camera…

Craft Plus for iPhone 5 inside

Craft Plus for iPhone 5 back

Opinion: In short, it adds too much bulk and doesn’t offer enough back to justify it. I’m no expert, but wool is a thick material (also not a comfortable one, in my opinion), so to only offer 2 card slots (not even a see-through pocket or a quick access hole), and with that much real estate to work with, is just foolish – feature wise. Canvas on the other hand, I’m a fan of. I love the feel of it and for it to go with leather? That’s a definite plus. Unfortunately, nothing beats pure leather; one of the rare materials that get better with use. A great example would be the BookBook for the iPhone 5 or even the Hex – Axis Wallet for iPhone 5. Many wallet style cases have adapted a hard shell case to secure the iPhone and for good reason – it works really well. More may be trying something different, or they might think a hard shell wouldn’t work in this case, but to use a slip in design is designing for the past. But at a price of US$44.90, which includes a crystal screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth, it may be of interest to you. This is, of course, before shipping, handling, and taxes kick in, and for consumers like me living in Canada, that’s always a turn off.

Judgement: It’s definitely visually appealing but with the lack of card slots, I can not imagine myself using this without carrying my wallet too, which then defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

Some other reviews (someone who actually owns the product):