Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review – Best leather iPhone case!

Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusHands down, this my favourite leather case available, the Nodus Shell Case, and they didn’t even pay me to say that. You really just have to smell this to understand. But as a bonus, it can also comes with their Micro Dock, a sleek little magnetic cube you can attach anywhere to go hands-free.

So, let’s check it out.


Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusThe first thing you notice and really the only thing that matters is the beautiful vegetable tanned leather wrapped around the outside. On the inside, your iPhone sits luxoriously in a microfibre lined polycarbonate shell. To install, the case does have some flex to it, so go in volume side first and squeeze the opposite corners in place.

Looking at the button covers, they were a little disappointing, although they provide a clicky response, I’m spoiled by Apple’s Leather Case that provides raised aluminum buttons. The mute rocker cutout is a little tight for larger fingers. Around back the case is thick enough to cover the camera hump from table top scratching. Finally, the whole bottom is cutout, which is great for third party cables and docks such as the Apple Lightning Dock.

Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusBut it’s a really simple slim case, wrapped in a beautiful leather you can only full appreciate if you had it in your hands. You can feel the texture of the leather and although it is quite slippery at first, over time, provides better grip once you wear it in through usage. Which is what makes leather so amazing, over time, it gets better, visually and functionally.

Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusAs an added bonus, inbetween the microfibre lining and leather is a metal plate meant to accommodate their Micro Dock, included with every Shell Case. It’s a super strong tiny N52 magnet, basically the most discreet and, personally I think, coolest looking docks available.

Of course, the metal back also works with other magnetic docks as well, such as the Doc Artisan MagMount Dock or Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount, but be warned, you won’t look as cool. The Micro Dock uses a 3M backing and it’s great for anywhere you need to keep your hands-free.

Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusPersonally, I love it by my bed side to have it docked and charge over night. The magnets hold up to their fame of being the world’s strongest magnets, holding it’s ground with light tapping. Which goes for both portrait and landscape mode. Do note however, you do lack the ability to adjust the viewing angle when docked. If it wasn’t obvious, the dock is limited by only being able to work on flat surfaces.

As a slim case, it’s not meant to provide the best protection, there is a slight lip around the screen. I highly recommend slapping on a screen protector as well, just in case. In terms of leather, it will scratch up, like any leather product, but you almost want to have to mark up. If you give it a good rub, the oils in your hands will cover it right up.

Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusReally, there’s no other Shell Case out there that’s exactly the same and that’s what makes this one yours.


Nodus Shell Case for iPhone 7 PlusIf you’re eyeing a leather shell case, this is the best I’ve come by so far. In the same price rage as the Apple Leather case, but offers much thicker leather.