Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet – Review

Moxiware Apple Pencil MagnetToday, we have our first case review for the Apple Pencil! This is the Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet, which basically adds a magnet onto your Apple Pencil so you can mount it onto your iPad without any special mounts.

So, let’s check it out.


Moxiware Apple Pencil MagnetAnyone who bought the iPad Pro should’ve gotten one of these too, the Apple Pencil. It just makes you automagically great at drawinG but it’s covered in a glossy, fingerprint magnet, grease attracting white plastic. Unfortunately you’re also not able to store it anywhere on the iPad.

So it basically slides everywhere I set it down. That’s why I picked up the Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet. A tube made of soft matte flexible plastic, but what makes it special is the strip of magnets that are glued inside.

To install, poke the pencil into the tube like they taught you in school, then spin it in, a trick I found was to take the cap off and use the flat tip to spin if you’ve got sweaty hands. Since it’s a soft plastic, you can move the magnet segment by cutting down on the excess plastic if you’d like.

The soft matte texture feels a lot grippier in the hand and the bump gives my something to rest my fingers onto and it also prevents your pencil rolling away. The magnet doesn’t affect the Pencil’s ability to make you an artist but it does allow you to mount it onto the side of your iPad.

On the front of the screen, the magnets stay firmly connected. You can also move it to the back, but from my experience, it doesn’t stick as well. The nice part is that if you decide to stick it to the front, it’s thin enough that it doesn’t cover the screen at all. Another nice feature I found it to have was that when charging the Pencil.

Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet Instead of leaving the cap somewhere you’ll definitely forget about, you can attach it onto the case since the cap is also magnetic and it’s strong enough so that it won’t fall off easily.

Most of you probably have case on, while I can already tell you it won’t stick to thick cases, it has a slight hold onto the Apple Silicone case, but I wouldn’t count on it. Thankfully it still fits on the front screen with a case on, which is where I usually store my Pencil during usage.

If you also have the Apple Smart Keyboard, it actually has some pretty strong magnets built into the cover as well. Whenever I’m walking around with my iPad, I can confidently stick my Apple Pencil to the front of my iPad.

The thought of a case for the Pencil may seem stupid, you can buy cases that have built in loops, but for me it’s this convenience of grabbing it when I need it, and forgetting about it when I don’t. This isn’t a storage solution for your Apple Pencil, it’s a workflow solution.


Moxiware Apple Pencil MagnetFor me, I didn’t buy the Pencil because it looked pretty, in fact I hate that it’s glossy. So for something to completely cover it, that’s fine by me because it adds some much needed functionality. It doesn’t limit you to a specific case and will work whether you have one on or not.