Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus – Review

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - Review Do you find yourself yelling at your iPhone because it’s only 1PM and it’s already at 10% battery life? This is a common issue that plagues most iPhone users and there are plenty of battery cases out there already, but this one’s a little different. As in, it’s a little littler.

This review was sponsored by Flux, however, I was given complete creative freedom and the opinions expressed are my own.


Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - Review The first thing you’ll notice with the Flux battery case is the exterior finish. It’s a soft rubbery matte finish that encompasses a complete hard shell case. On the inside, is a plastic finish with some details about the battery itself, which we’ll get into later.

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - Review Installation is simple, go in volume side first and snap the opposite side in place. There’s a large cutout for the power button and the same for the volume buttons, but cuts it pretty close to the edge of the case since it’s designed to fit both the 6 and 6s, the buttons are still accessible under though. A spacious cutout for the mute rocker, but again, cutting it close, so will require a nail to get to.

Around back, a deep cutout for the camera and flash, which is great to protect the lens, and doesn’t obstruct your view of flash, but it gives you an idea of how little the battery is adding onto your iPhone.

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - Review The bottom is where the magic happens and what makes this case stand out from the rest. In comparison to the popular Mophie and even the official Apple Smart Battery Case. The Flux case looks like a regular shell case. Unlike other cases that limit you by covering the bottom of your iPhone, you can use docks like normal and connect to headphones or speakers without special adapters. This is the most comfortable and natural feeling battery case I’ve ever used.

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - Review It just about doubles the thickness of the iPhone but the soft rubber doesn’t grease up and provides added grip in the hand. There’s almost no additional width or height to the case, so it doesn’t require you to stretch to reach anymore of the screen than you normally would

The rounded edges almost make it feel like the case and iPhone are a single design with how well comfortable it is to grasp. However, the downside to flush edges and a stiff case design, is how tricky it is to remove this case – it’s like a clingy girlfriend that just won’t let go. The recommended removal surgery is to push through the camera hole with one finger and lift from the power button. Don’t worry, they know it’s a pain as well, there’s even instructions on the inside, with a pretty detailed thumb drawing I might add.


Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - ReviewThankfully, the case is designed so you really never have to remove it, nor will you want to. I’ve got the Plus version, which stores a 2,000 mAh battery, that adds about 60% battery, while the 6 has a 1,500 mAh battery, but is about a 70% boost. So I can go about using my iPhone as normal, without any extra bulk getting in the way when I don’t need it to.

There are no buttons to turn on and off, just a dongle that chills on the side of the case. To initiate charging, pull it out and plug it into your iPhone, just how they taught you in school, making sure the pins are facing the right way. Shazam, the case starts to charge through electromagnetic physics magic and science and transfer the battery from the case to flow into your iPhone through the Lightning port.

With a full battery on both cases, I started at 10% with my 6s Plus and 17% for the 6. After an hour and 15 minutes, my 6s Plus hit 65%. Another 10 minutes later, my 6 had hit 72%. In both tests, the case provided a 55% boost in a little over an hour. But the battery isn’t the best part, it’s this, how thin it is even when charging compared to others.

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - ReviewMy iPhone can charge, leaving my speaker unobstructed or I can plug any pair of headphones, without adding any height to the iPhone. Flipping around back you’ll see this constantly blinking shiny green light, which is actually meant to tell you the status of your battery. For instance, 4 blinks means it’s about full, and 1 blink just about dead. It can get pretty annoying though because it’s like your iPhone is constantly having a rave party and you’re not invited, you’re just the neighbor who has to deal with the loud music and bright lights. My solution though is to just tape it up.

It’s also convenient you don’t need any new wires, as the case also takes the Lightning cable to recharge. Yes, that’s one less cable I have to carry around. There’s pass through charging, so it’ll charge your iPhone first before charging the case. Flip it around and the red LED status means the case is now being charged, but of course you now get the constant apocalyptic red flashing. When you’re not charging and want to check the status of your battery, simply press your finger on the 4 prongs and it’ll give the same same flashing indicators.

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - ReviewNow I know what you’re thinking, you’re going to lose that small ass connector. But in my tests, no matter how hard you slapped, knocked, or shook the case, the connector just wouldn’t let go. However it’s so tight, it can make it difficult to take out even when you want to. It’s the same iron man grip when docked back, but there is an cutout to help with removal. If you do somehow end up losing it, they understand your struggle, and include a spare dongle just in case.


Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus - Review If you drop your phone every other day, you’re not going to like this. The case lacks any lip around the case, and cuts it really close to the leaving the edges almost bare. This is in effort to minimize as much of the case as possible and it’s done a great job at becoming the thinnest battery case I’ve ever used.

But, at the cost of protection. Although it’s a trade off I’m okay with making, I highly recommend pairing this with a trusty screen protector. That way it won’t bulk up the design, but still provide full screen protection



This review was sponsored by Flux, however, I was given complete creative freedom and the opinions expressed are my own.