Nodus Flip Access Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus [Experience]

Back again with another case from The Nodus Collection. I previously reviewed the Access Case for the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 5, and today, we’ll be taking a look at the flip style version. Though it’s equipped with the same genuine leather and Micro-Suction technology, it’s a whole different experience. Read on to see if the flip or portfolio style works best for you.

Tl;dr – I’d go with the portflio style Access Case I reviewed here.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Design

The Flip Access Case is crafted with a thick leather exterior and lined with a microfibre interior. Micro-Suction technology is used to keep your iPhone in place and the to keep the front flap shut. You’re getting a smaller pocket in the flip version that is just wide enough to fit a standard credit card; you do not have as much flexibility in size that the portfolio pocket provided.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6The flip case provides the same level of protection the portfolio case does, the main difference is that it opens vertically.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Function

You’ve got 3 functions with the Flip Access Case, similar to the Portfolio style, but different in actual usage.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Micro-Suction

I’ve praised Micro-Suction over and over again and the story is the same here – it is a great form of adhesive. It leaves no residue, can be reused, and is easily cleaned with tape or a damp microfibre cloth.

It is made of a pad of tiny suction cups that suck onto your iPhone, which can be pulled off easily with a slight tug, but will stay perfectly in place even if it’s being thrown around.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Utility Pocket

Unfortunately, the utility pocket on the flip version has a smaller opening, about the size of a standard credit card. Unlike the portfolio case, which had an opening as large as the height of the iPhone, you are limited to the items you can store in this pocket. You will be able to store 2 cards at first, 3 when the leather has stretched more, and smaller items such as an SD card or a key.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Portrait Stand

The selling point of the case, unlike the landscape stand the portfolio case offered, is having the iPhone held up vertically. Very few applications, including iOS itself, support landscape mode on the lock and home screen (unless you have the iPhone 6 Plus), so being able to stand the iPhone in a vertical position gives you an aligned view of any incoming notifications or just a nice table clock.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Pros

  • Micro-Suction Technology – For anyone who constantly switches cases, Micro-Suction technology allows you to switch between cases easily without worrying about ruining any adhesive, and also removes the need for a built-in case, reducing overall bulk
  • Portrait Stand – A great way to display your beautiful iPhone on a table when you set it down, giving you a direct view of your lock screen and any incoming notifications
  • Unique Design – Durable and genuine leather that will shape into your own design over time, as the leather wears and shows signs of use, you’ll have a design that no one else will have

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Cons

  • Cable Management – Because the front flap folds around the Lightning and audio port, cables get caught on the flap when anything is plugged in, which may cause damage to the cable or potentially bend the leather
  • Docking – When held in a portrait stand mode, you are not able to have your iPhone plugged in, since the iPhone will sit on it’s bottom edge, therefore, you will have to lie flat on the table to charge and sync your iPhone
  • Awkward Front Flap – The front flap folds by the height of your iPhone, so if you are to leave it dangling, which you would have to do when taking a photo, it will double the height of your iPhone. It makes grabbing cards from the pocket difficult as well, since you have to fold the whole flap over to the back of your iPhone to have something to grasp onto to, while you collect your cards.

Nodus Access Flip Case for iPhone 6Recommendation

If you’re a fan of leather and want an elegant way of setting your iPhone down on a table, the Flip Access Case is the way to go. It is a beautifully designed case, but for daily usage, I’d recommend going with the portfolio style, which offers more variety in it’s utility pocket due to it’s size. I find it too difficult to handle the front flap when taking photos or charging my iPhone.

You can purchase the Flip Access Case for iPhone 6 or Flip Access Case for iPhone 6 Plus from The Nodus Collection.