Monster Inspiration with Passive Noise Isolation [Experience]


Today we’ll be looking at the Monster Inspiration headphones with Passive Noise Isolation (they also have a Active Noise Cancellation Model). If you’re anything like me, you bought a pair of Monster headphones for it’s looks, because lets face it, they look awesome – the definition of an excessory

I’m no audiophile, so I’m not going to even try to say I know how the lows, mids, and highs sound on these, all I can tell you is that they sound clear with the music I listen to (Taylor Swifts album, Red), because for an average consumer like me, the scale for quality is black and white, either they suck (there’s buzzing, sounds like recorded audio, etc. with all the obvious ones) or they’re clear (they don’t have anything to do with the suck category).


Packaging: The Inspirations come neatly packaged inside a very strong packaging with a fold out panel. A very informative box, might I add.

Features: Packed with quite a few features for headphones, a minimalist like me cringes.

  •  Passive Noise IsolationWhat it’s meant to do: keeps noise out, and your music from disturbing others. What it actually does: doesn’t block any outside sound, white noise or crying babies, but does keep your music from disturbing others (which is nice when you’re on the TTC (subway) and listening to your favourite Taylor Swift song (Stay Stay Stay – Taylor Swift, song 9 on the Red album in case you were wondering)
  • Interchangeable Headbands – As advertised on the box, ‘Express yourself with an ever-expanding selection of optional interchangeable headbands designed to match your style and fashion.” It also displays some different headbands with spikes and in the colour blue to emphasize the personal factor. Useful? No. But with the ever increasing fame Monster is receiving for their headphones (thanks to their Beats by Dr. Dre series), being able to differentiate from everyone else who has the same headphones does assist in keeping your hipster style. Unfortunately, when the bands range from $25 – $45 a pop, I’m willing to conform to the norm. It’d be nice if there was a way to design your own, that’d make this feature actually unique. Packaged in the box is a plain black leather and an additional crocodile leather headband. The plain black suits all my needs, so I’m probably going to stick with that.
    Black Leather headbandmonster_inspiration_headband_crocodileBlack Crocodile Leather headband
  • 3 Cord Styles – One thing I like about these headphones is that they actually come with 3 different cords, all tangle-free (depending on the scenario). A simple plain cord, a ControlTalk for Apple, and a ControlTalk Universal. Could they have just made one? Probably. But according to the brochure, the ControlTalk for Apple may not work for everything so they include a Universal model, and what I like to consider a backup cord (plain cord). What’s also nice is that both cups have the connection jacks, which, depending on your style, you can plug into either. (I’ve tried plugging a cord into both and into two audio sources and it works, though not perfectly, and I don’t recommend doing it yourself as it probably makes the headphones mad when you do. Or maybe that’s why there’s two…)monster_inspiration_cords
  • Foldable Cups – Of course, like all Monster headphones, the cups fold in making a nice bowl shape to go into your conveniently large travel bag. Nice feature, but whatever happened to the good old days when we just hung them off our necks, has that grown out of style?monster_inspiration_folded
  • I’ve had the headphones on for at least 4 hours now and though a little tight on my head, which I actually like, it hasn’t started to hurt to use. They have a heft to them, but it also feels very solid, so it doesn’t feel like you’re paying for some plastic toy that’ll break if you drop it (like how the Studio Beats by Dr. Dre do). I’ve added the photo below to hopefully emphasize how soft and cuddly the cups are. Covered in what I believe is a soft leather, they aren’t a nuisance and are really nice to touch. Though, like with any headphones, they may flatten your ears with elongated use. You’ve been warned.


Judgement: I got these at $134.99 at Best Buy through a Price Match, but they retail for $299.99, which in my opinion is way too much for any kind of headphones for an average consumer who’s just trying to look good. I try to keep it under $100 for headphones and earphones, but with such a sturdy and sleek design (who doesn’t love matte black anything?), it’s hard to come by at such a price. Based on the design of the headphones itself, I can easily recommend them to anyone that can get it under $150. Other than that, it’s way too expensive for an average consumer to pay $300+ for these, especially when the main feature is the interchangeable headbands that cost an additional $25 – $45 each, which can easily cause it to go over $400.