Spigen SGP GLAS.tR for iPhone 5 [Experience]

The Spigen SGP GLAS.tR for the iPhone 5, a screen protector made of chip resistant glass. Coming in at a whopping 0.5 mm thick with a surface hardness of 8~9H, which as they advertise, even knives can’t scratch. Includes a oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints/contaminants and making it easy to clean. But you can read all this on their website here. This is going to be a short review but hopefully a sweet one as well.

Spigen SGP GLAS.tR for iPhone 5

It took me a 3 attempts to get this on correctly, as it’s precision cut for the home button and the receiver. It’s recommended of course for a one time stick, but taking it off two times wasn’t so bad, though it did leave air bubbles on the corners and around the receiver cutout. It’s barely noticeable but for a perfectionist like me, it does get on my nerves. This is contrary to how easy their product video makes it look to put it on (single handedly):

Included in the box is a microfibre cloth, several home button stickers and a squeegee for installation. Due to the GLAS.tR being 0.5 mm thick, it leaves the home button pretty deep and potentially hard to get to for users, therefore these home button stickers are meant to level the button to the GLAS.tR surface. Though it gives it a raised dome feel and sticks up slightly above the actual surface, which makes getting to the home button easier but also can be annoying sometimes. Since it’s so high up, I accidentally click it sometimes and it makes double clicking a little getting used to.

Other than that though, definitely a great screen protector alternative to other flimsy plastics (though I am still a big fan of bestskinsever). Of course for users like me who love to accessorize their phone, a increase of 0.5 mm can be troublesome for many enclosed cases like the OtterBox, LifeProof, or any other heavy protector cases/cases that cover the front of your phone. This also causes an issue with accessories such as the Glif by Studio Neat, which is designed for the exact dimensions of the iPhone for a secure fit. I actually bought the Glif and the GLAS.tR at the same time (during a Boxing Day sale) and sadly I can’t use the Glif…

Conclusion: So there’s somethings to look out for, but for users who love simplicity and want to protect their device, definitely a recommended buy. Again, I got this during a Boxing Day sale so it came around $20 plus shipping if I remember correctly, but it retails for $34.99 plus tax and shipping, so it’s on the pricier side but you’re definitely paying for a quality product. As seen by this guy who had his iPhone 5 saved from using the GLAS.tR:

For a in depth video and better picture, definitely check out these reviews who really give the GLAS.tR a run for it’s money: