Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung S8 Plus – Review

Caseology may have called it the Legion Series Case, but it’s certainly not as epic as it sounds. They stay true to their minimalistic and simple design and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re looking for an affordable tough case for your Samsung Galaxy S8, this may be it.

DESIGN/FUNCTIONSCaseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Made of a two piece design (although kudos to Caseology for the seamless design that cat fishes you into thinking it’s a single piece), there’s a flexible polycarbonate jacket and an inner softer TPU sleeve. On the inside is a hypnotizing design, that I’d like to say does something useful, but is only for your eyes to enjoy.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

The buttons have button covers, although slim and not as protruding as I like, they provide a tactile response, albeit a pretty quiet one. Cutouts along the bottom that are fairly deep thanks to the thick rubber but are wide enough to accommodate most cables and headphone jacks.

Finally around back, a single large cutout for the camera, flash, and fingerprint reader. It consists of a sloped edge, which I’ve seen in many cases, that make it easy to locate the fingerprint reader in a pinch. Although, unfortunately, nothing to separate it from the camera lens which means you will probably still smudge up your camera lens.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

The case is thick enough to keep your lens from making love with your table and combine that with the lifted corners, your sleek backplate and lens will be fine when you throw this onto a table.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

For a self acclaimed tough case though, it’s actually quite slim. When compared to the bare Galaxy S8 Plus, it adds only a millimeter or 2 in thickness. Don’t worry, it works perfectly fine with your overpriced wireless charger still. You will notice the case on with the added width, as it takes such a sleek phone design and fattens it up in width.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Although it’s still comfortable to slide in and out of pockets without an issue. I’m a huge fan of the matte finish of the polycarbonate jacket, it feels smooth in the hand but unfortunately sometimes too smooth. There isn’t any texture to grip onto; it won’t grease up but it can feel slippery if you’ve got the dry-as-a-dessert hand syndrome.

Thankfully for me, that’s why I’m a fan of the hard edges. It gives you something to feel and actually grasp onto in the hand. This is compared to the curved edges of other cases or even the naked Galaxy S8 – the struggle of placing your fingers where the screen ends and the back begins is real.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

They’ve opted for aesthetics over function on this series, as you can’t deny how sleek this case looks. Minimal branding combined with the seamless polycarbonate and rubber design may be boring to look at, but if you listen carefully, you can hear the minimalists out there just jizzed their pants.

It is categorized as a tough case and for one, it certainly looks the part. Add to that the thick lip around the top and bottom of the screen and you’ve got not only great lay on table for the back, but also the front. The sides are lowered enough to not interfere with edge swiping but also consists of the same thick lip around it.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

It’s a tight fit so I wouldn’t recommend edge to edge screen protectors and instead go for a flexible or display protector instead. It is a tough case after all, so it’s nice to see they didn’t skimp out on the side bezel.

Although I complained about the width it added earlier, it’s not for nothing. There’s air pockets along the top and bottom to help impact absorption and the stiff edges give the case a solid structure.

Caseology Legion Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Caseology Legion Series handled my drop test from a few feet high without any issues. So it’s safe to say it’ll withstand throwing onto tables and short drops without a problem. Now it’s no OtterBox in protection, but it’s also not as bulky. You can feel confident handing this to your kid, no matter how much of a brat they are.


It’s a simple, no frills, but protective case at an affordable price point, you get what you pay for here. Caseology also aoffers a range of styles with their specialty in simplistic designs. They have the Vault Series and Vault II Series, their slimmed down cases offering a sleeker design and feel. The Parallax Series, which is my favorite, with the textured edges, patterned backs, and overall modern design. Then the Coastline Series, their clear case which offers freedom for your Galaxy S8, but also sports some protected corners.

This review is sponsored by Caseology, which supports the channel and website, but I had complete creative freedom and all opinions expressed are my own.