Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases (January 2017) – Top 7

7 Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases (January 2017)
Clear cases are some of the most popular cases due to the fact it lets your iPhone shine through, so I’ve compiled a list of my 7 best iPhone 7 clear cases!

7 Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases

I’ll continually update this list as I review more cases over on the YouTube Channel, but based on my experience with these cases, I’ve deemed them these the 7 best iPhone 7 clear cases.

Tech Armor SlimProtect Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - Tech Armor SlimProtect Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The first case is one of the most simple, minimal, and no frills case. Originally featured on our first episode of showcase and making a return on our best iPhone 7 clear cases list simply due to how invisible it almost is.

Designed to be super slim, although it doesn’t add much grip, it does what a clear case is designed to do, show off your iPhone. Made of a hard plastic that isn’t designed to take impact really well, but will prevent any scratches sliding across a table.

You really can’t ask for much more at $8 – it doesn’t need to do anymore than that. It’s an affordable option to really let your iPhone do the showing off.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of OtterBox cases and the Symmetry Series is definitely my favorite of their whole lineup. The first thing you’ll notice though is the clear model isn’t exactly clear, it’s more of a frosted foggy look. This poses a problem for the black on black on black iPhone, but brighter colors, such as the rose gold or silver, still shine through without an issue.

What makes this my favorite though, is the level of added protection that you can trust in an OtterBox case. A thick bezel around the screen, a tall lip around the camera lens, and it’s not made of a soft rubber or TPU so won’t yellow as fast over time. Given the added thickness, the case still feels easy to hold in the hand albeit a little slippery due to the glossy finish.

At $40, it’s a jump from our first case, but if you ever worry about dropping your iPhone, it’s worth the investment.

OtterBox Statement Series Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - OtterBox Statement Series Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Yes, another from OtterBox, this is their exclusive Statement Series for the iPhone lineup. Let’s just put it out there and point out the obvious, I know it’s only 3/4 clear. But it’s the last 1/4 of the case that makes it really special and standout from the Symmetry Series – you just can’t deny the look of this combo.

The bottom is covered in leather that’ll make your iPhone look super sophisticated and as a side effect, helps with gripping your iPhone, compared to having a glossy clear back where your palm usually sits.

There’s the standard thick rubber bezel around the screen, the trusted OtterBox protection, and thanks to the matte rubber texture around the case, feels comfortable one-handed and during general usage.

At $40, it’s up to you if you want a full clear back or add a little sophistication to your life.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 7 Plus
Bringing back the budget options, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a little more expensive than our first option, but offers a few more protective features. It’s built with a full clear back but has a soft matte rubber texture around the edges.

This makes it comfortable to hold and I personally think a very nice contrast to the black on the iPhone, but also comes in a pure clear version as well. It’s so slim you forget it’s there sometimes, but still manages to include air pockets into the corners of the case for a little added impact protection.

At $15, this is for those looking for a little more coverage, but still wants to stay as slim as they can.

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - Case-Mate Naked Tough Case for iPhone 7 Plus

This one is for those who want to not only show off their iPhone, but also stand out from the crowd. Structurally, the Case-Mate Naked Tough cases are all the same, with a soft rubber bumper and a hard plastic back shell.

But it’s what they print on them that lands them a spot on this list. I’ve got the Iridescent model that changes colors based on the angle you look at it, it sort of hides the Apple logo on the black iPhone, but works a lot better with lighter model colors. There’s the Sheer Glam model for those who just won’t let the party end and for the boring and simple like myself, a pure clear model.

Although not designed for protection as a priority, at $35, it’s the fanciest of our 7 best iPhone 7 clear cases and you’ll most definitely have the coolest iPhone at your next dinner party.

Tech21 Impact Clear Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - Tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus

This is the only clear case I came by that had a matte exterior finish. From Tech21, the Impact Clear, like the OtterBox Symmetry Series doesn’t do a great job with the black on black, but with lighter colours, makes almost a perfect minimal clear case.

Unlike most of Tech21 cases, the Impact Clear is a hard shell case, but the matte finish is the real winner. It grips well in the hand and most importantly doesn’t grease up like a glossy finish would.

For $40, if you hate glossy fingerprint magnet finishes, this is the clear case to go with in our 7 best iPhone 7 clear cases list.

Orzy FlexiCase Case

Best iPhone 7 Clear Cases - Orzly FlexiCase Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Last but certainly not the leastest, this is for those who dislike hard things. The Orzly FlexiCase is, as the name suggests, very flexible. Made of a single piece TPU that offers full coverage around the back and buttons from scratches, but by no means is this case protective.

In the end it’s a very lightweight, slim, and comfortable case to hold thanks to the soft TPU. Most importantly it’s a clear case that allows your iPhone to do the showing off, and at $7 (the cheapest of our 7 best iPhone 7 clear cases), that’s all you can really ask for.