Apple Pencil Case – Review – DIY Upgrade!

Apple Pencil Case for Apple Pencil
This is Apple’s official case for the Apple Pencil, appropriately named, the Apple Pencil Case. It’s pretty useless, you will regret buying it, and there are better options available – so, let’s check it out


In the box, you just get the piece of leather in the shape of a straw. That’s it, consisting of two pieces of leather glued together and moulded to the shape of the Pencil.

It’s rigged enough to hold it’s shape, sort of like a straw, but can also bend and fold, also like a straw. The interior is lined in a microfiber, because your Pencil deserves that sort of luxury. Finally, to install, simply slide it right in like they taught you in gym class, making sure you go tip side first because it won’t fit the other way around.

Apple Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

That’s it though, a thin layer of leather to cover your Apple Pencil, like a very fancy sock. So who’s this really for? There are a plethora of cases out there that have built-in pencil holders and the fact is, if you own one of those, this isn’t for you.

On the other hand, there are many, many, MANY cases out that aren’t considerate for us poor layman who own a Pencil. The most obvious one being Apple’s own Silicone Case and even Smart Cover – so in reality, the Apple Pencil Case is a solution for their own products.

If you’re one of those suckers who bought the official Apple outfit for your iPad Pro, this is for you. Outside of looking like a fancy condom for your Apple Pencil, what else does it offer? First thing I noticed, it’s a handy storage spot for your cap when you’re charging your Pencil.

Apple Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

Otherwise, well, really… just protection, but not the kind you’re thinking of. First, because I know and Apple knows you’re a lazy ass, when you don’t have somewhere to store this baby, you just throw it into your bag that leaves it vulnerable to the dangerous depths of your backpack or even worse, a women’s handbag.

This leaves your Pencil in the line of danger and potentially being scratched… dun dun dun. So if that’s you, this is Apple’s overpriced solution to that. Now if you’re one of those cool kids and put a skin on your Pencil because you’ve got money to blow, in my test with some tape as a placeholder of a skin, you’re in luck, it slindes right in that tight hole.

Apple Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

This condom, I mean… case is an exact fit to the Apple Pencil, giving it a proper jacket to protect it from the outside world. Of course, that does mean your Apple Case will now take most of the scratching and leather scratches a lot easier and much faster than the hard plastic on an Apple Pencil. The difference though is that scratched leather is cool and shows character – while a scratched Apple Pencil just means you’re a clumsy human being.

Which leads me to the second way it protects your Apple Pencil from you… I mean harms way, if you didn’t know by now, the Apple Pencil’s tip is the weakest point of it. Even Apple admits that by giving you a spare tip when you purchase one. Given it’s constantly tapped, scraped, and usually takes most impact first, you’ll want to prolong that abuse to it. Thankfully the case’s tip is stiffened to house your Pencil which means no matter where you store it or how much stuff you throw at it, the tip is in safe hands.

Apple Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

So in summary, yes this case is merely a skin for your Pencil, but it protects the Pencil at it’s most vulnerable points: the surface and the tip of it. As many reviews have already shown, the Pencil itself is pretty indestructible. It won’t bend, crack, or die on you unless you really tried to, and even then you’re tiny muscles wouldn’t be able to.

So the lack of impact and drop protection isn’t really a big deal in my books, the real problem everyone has that this doesn’t solve though, is storing this somewhere with your iPad – you know… the only device it’ll work on. This doesn’t help you store it anywhere securely either as there’s no clip, band, or sleeve of some sort to stick this into to – it’ll get lost just as fast without the case.

Luckily, I’ve got 2 solutions. First, this will void your warranty but you’ll need a hole punch, some grommets, and a hammer. Punch a hole at the top of the case. Stick a grommet inside. Then hammer it in.

Now you have a small hole to carry it however you wish; like a necklace, on your keys, or clipped onto your bag, no one’s judging you.

If you don’t want exert all that extra energy though the second option is to just buy an alternative case instead. The Moxiware is my favourite for the matte finish that prevents your fat fingers from greasy the pencil up. It utilizes a strong magnet that keeps it connected to your iPad.

For something tougher, check out the Ztylus Aluminum Case that’s serious protection for all you clumsy ones out there. Most importantly, it gives it a clip to keep it in place when stored. They’re definitely not as pretty as the Apple Pencil Case but they’re actually useful.


My only concern overtime is how well the leather holds up to this. Leather tends to handle wear and tear well, but this isn’t the thickest leather so try avoiding storing this in a bag of nails. Like Apple’s leather case though, the leather, especially the brown I have here, will grow some character over time. Lucky you, though, all Apple products come with a 1 year warranty that covers wear and tear, this little guy included.


Apple Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

Sleeves for pen shaped items have been around since items shaped as pens have existed. They were typically used to store high end fancy fountain pens and for Apple this is their high end fancy ass fountain pen, so why not take care of it like one.

If you’re not a fan of this one, check out my review of the Moxiware Pencil Magnet or the Ztylus Aluminum Apple Pencil case, they’re actually useful.